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March 2003
No 87


A University of Leicester graduate recently received a Pride of Britain award for his work in clearing landmines and for helping landmine victims.

Bob French (pictured right) graduated with an MBA from the University of Leicester Management Centre in 1995. He has been involved with Bosnia and its landmine problem since 1996, over the past two years he has been working in the minefields. 

He became aware that the high unemployment rate, existing in the Balkans, makes it nearly impossible for disabled people to find work. Bob French provides computers and training for the victims of landmine accidents, giving them a better chance of finding employment.

[Photo: Bob French with mines]

After studying for the MBA he started up his own company, Redbus LMDS, inventing two machines that destroy landmines. A former engineer who first experienced landmines during his military service, he carried out further extensive research into the subject, before coming up with the design for the Redbus LMDS systems.

These have been designed for use in peace-time or for after conflict clearance on the battlefield, and are lighter than military machines. Operated by remote control they can detonate mines with minimal disruption and no harm to the operator, and should therefore speed up the process of land clearance.

[Photo: Pedrag, a landmine victim]
EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS: One of the first to receive a computer provided by Bob French, Pedrag lost both legs in a landmine accident 

Mr French received his Pride of Britain award at a televised ceremony at the London Hilton.

Speaking of his delight, he commented: “The award came as a total surprise, I am still astonished that I was chosen or even considered.”

More information is available from Mr Bob French, telephone 01476 569989.


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