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October 2000

No 190

The University of Leicester Theatre presents the story of a warrior-poet who must struggle with fate and his own ambition. Having achieved power through assassination, he finds that in order to hold on to it he is sucked into an escalating cycle of violence, betrayal and murder.

Sounds familiar?

Simon Reilly, President of University of Leicester Theatre explains: "In Macbeth Shakespeare has given us a man with immense capabilities. He is brilliant, imaginative and charismatic - a great and powerful leader. He is a loyal and devoted subject and a man with strong moral values. As the audience watches him they agonise over his choices, agonise for the loss of his potential and the useless destruction he leaves in his wake. And they examine the choices they make in their own lives.

"By setting Macbeth in the tribal world of the Celts and Picts of ancient Scotland we contrast the intelligence of the characters and sophistication of their interactions against their primitive background. We challenge notions of barbarism and civility, wisdom and superstition, fate and individual responsibility and raise questions about today's civilised society."

Macbeth, directed by Hal Iggulden, runs from 1-4 November 2000, at 7.30 pm at the Attenborough Theatre, Attenborough Tower, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester. Admission 4 (concessions 3.50).

Note to editors: Further information and free press tickets are available from Simon Reilly, President, University of Leicester Theatre, email lut@le.ac.uk, fax (0116) 223 1112.

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