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Journalists to Visit Multifaith Centre at University

September 2002
No 198

A group of Islamic journalists from across the world will visit a University of Leicester Centre during their visit to the city on 25-27 September, in a trip arranged by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The journalists are to visit INPAREL (Institute for the Study of Indo-Pakistan Relations), part of the University’s Centre for the History of Religious and Political Pluralism. This leading international centre was set up to encourage the exchange of ideas and the development of relevant policies and projects which strengthen cross-cultural relations.

Its aims are also to raise the level of public understanding about all global concerns, through publications and conferences, and its hope is that the information it gathers can play its part in improving relations in areas of conflict in South Asia.

They will meet Professor Richard Bonney, Director of the Centre and of INPAREL, who will give them an overview of the Centre’s work. They will attend a reception hosted by the Lord Mayor and also meet a number of Muslims in the City and University, as well as visiting the Umar Mosque, Evington, which has particularly good relations with St Philips’ Church, immediately opposite. A meeting with the Leicester Council of Faiths has also been arranged.

Professor Bonney commented: "he previous visit of foreign Muslim Journalists was organized by the FCO in London. My colleagues and I were pleased to address them on the theme of multi-cultural Leicester at a meeting hosted in the House of Lords. It is preferable on this occasion for the Journalists to come to Leicester to see for themselves how far the City has progressed, the achievements of dialogue and good relations to date, and the challenges we face bearing in mind the problems encountered by other British and European cities. The University of Leicester is an international community in its own right and is proud to host the introductory seminar for colleagues from abroad before they go on to meet the various communities in the City."

The journalists will be at the University of Leicester on 26 September between 9.15 and 12 noon.

During their visit to Britain the group will meet government officials, prominent Muslims and other organisations in London and Oxford before coming to Leicester. Here they will see examples of multi-faith projects and meet members of the local Islamic community and their religious leaders, gaining insights into how Leicester has avoided potential racial unrest through its integrated community.


Further information is available from Gillian Hawkes, Research Assistant to Professor Richard Bonney, Director of the University of Leicester Centre for the History of Religious and Political Pluralism, telephone 0116 223 1899, facsimile 0116 252 3986, email

There will be a picture and interview opportunity at 9.15 am in room 1813 in the Attenborough Building (next to the Charles Wilson Building, Main Campus).

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