November 1999

No 197

Students at the University of Leicester are taking advice from the experts on how to run their campus clubs and societies.

Management consultants from PriceWaterhouseCoopers are providing a comprehensive training package called "Millennium Skills for the Millennium Graduate" after being approached by the Students' Union's development officer Max McLoughlin.

The information and training for the club and society committees will bring about a longer-term benefit in the post-University world.

Explained Max McLoughlin: "They are going to learn a few tricks of the trade with regard to transferable skills. They will get to work with people from big companies and be able to ask them questions.

"We are saying to the committee executives that these courses will give you more skills to run your club and society events. These are the types of skills that employers are looking for after the students leave university.

"It is the experience you have at University, along with the degree, that stands you in good stead in the job stakes. You only have to look at the job application forms that ask you to specify what else you have done, apart from the degree course, that will enable you to work in teams and to communicate effectively."

All the sessions are being held in the Students' Union over a four-week period.

For further information please contact Max McLoughlin on 0116-2231175 or email on student development@le.ac.uk.

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