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Leicester Academic Is Young 
Scientist Of The Year

September 2003
No 214

A University of Leicester researcher has been acclaimed Young Scientist of the Year by a European society of scientists.

Dr Marcus S Cooke, aged 33, whose study into the links between maternal coffee consumption and low birth weight of children received national attention, has gained the prestigious accolade from the European Environmental Mutagen Society.

The award constitutes 1000SFr, travel and accommodation paid to the next EEMS meeting, in Maastricht, and an opportunity to write an article for the European Journal of Genetic Toxicology.

Dr Cooke, who is a Lecturer in the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine at the University of Leicester, is involved in a number of important research projects.

These include looking at the significance of damage to DNA, with particular reference to diseases, such as colon cancer, the role of UV light in certain therapies and other projects.

He said: "The Young Scientist Award reflects an individual's significant contribution to the field. I am honoured to receive this award, against pan-European competition."


For more information, please contact Dr Cooke on 0116 252 5825

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