[Press & Publications] Law Firms Target Leicester

November 1999

No 200

Prestigious international law firms will be targeting the University of Leicester's high-ranking Law Faculty for a special Careers Fair.

Students at the University will have the opportunity to discuss their future career prospects with high flying legal eagles on Tuesday 9 November when the University of Leicester's Legal Careers Fair will be hosted by the Student Law Society.

Around 40 exhibitors will be present at this year's fair - doubling last year's total and including firms such as Clifford Chance, Linklaters & Alliance, Edge Ellison, Freshfields and KPMG.

This is the first Legal Careers Fair to be held at a top -10 rated Law School in the UK this academic year. Student Careers Liaison Officer Vijay Luthra, said: "Students at Leicester receive academically rigorous training which sets the Law Faculty here apart from many others.

"Firms are attracted to Leicester because of the quality of the teaching which leads to top calibre graduates. Firms want nothing but the best when recruiting so they are well aware that they need to attend these fairs to entice the best students into applying for placements.

"As they know that some of the best students are produced by the Faculty of Law at the University of Leicester they are eager to attend. Many firms actually asked to attend without any solicitation from the Student Law Society."

Similar events are also held at other universities around the country. However this University proves to be quite unique as the Law Department's flourishing Student Law Society has had mainly the responsibility of organising this event.

The Annual Legal Careers Fair will be held from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm on Tuesday 9 November in the Charles Wilson Building.

Note to newsdesk: For more information, please contact Student Careers Officers Vijay Luthra or Rajnaara Chowdhury on 0116 252 2450 within the Student Law Society office (email: vijaylutra@yahoo.com).

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