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Sculpture in the Garden

September 2003
No 219

September offers the final opportunity for people to view the world-class exhibition of international sculpture set amidst the splendid 16-acre University of Leicester Botanic Garden.

A group of international sculptors working in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, are among the artists exhibiting their work at the University until September 20. 

Pietrasanta may be described as the heart of the world's marble industry and has traditionally attracted artisans and sculptors alike to work with the marble from the neighbouring quarries of Carrera - as it attracted Michelangelo. A close knit community centring on the quarrying, cutting, carving and polishing of stone has developed. 

The essence of the exhibition is the astonishing range, expressed in the many nationalities of the artists, the mixture of figurative, surreal and abstract work and the variety of materials - marble, stone, wood, steel, resin, bronze and cast iron.

But there are also essential unities. All the sculptors in this exhibition share a commitment to craftsmanship and a desire to communicate. They all believe that sculpture, in its many manifestations, has the power to engage - even on occasion to transform - the viewer by its presence.

The exhibition at the Botanic Garden in Oadby, Leicester, is open to the public and free (except during special events) from 10am-4pm. For more details of the exhibition ring 0116 252 2323.

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