November 1999

No 198

A centre of excellence at the University of Leicester is spearheading the world's first global survey of training and development practices in organisations. The Centre for Labour Market Studies is creating the survey following the success of the first British survey of training practices.

The Centre carried out the British survey for the Institute of Personnel and Development, and the Centre has now been commissioned to run the second survey. The results of the first survey were used to inform policy formation both within the IPD and in the Department of Education and Employment.

Using their extensive global contacts with government departments, research institutes and universities, CLMS are now replicating that survey in fifteen countries across the globe.

This is the first time that comparable data on the training and development activities of organisations in such a wide range of countries will have been collected. The countries involved range from the USA to Hong Kong and Argentina. In each country a representative sample of employers are being approached.

The results are used to inform national policy debates and to enable governments and professional institutions to benchmark the performance of their organisations against 'best practice' in other countries. The results are being presented at international conferences in London, April 2000 and Brazil, 2001. Professor David Ashton, Director of the Centre for Labour Market Studies, says: "This is a remarkable achievement to have so many countries collaborating on research into training and development.

"It is testimony to the global reputation CLMS has for its research and teaching that it can secure the co-operation of institutions in 15 countries as well as to the drive and commitment of the lead researcher, Dr Marcus Powell."

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact the Centre for Labour Market Studies on 0116 252 5959.

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