[Press and Publications] Inter-Professional Education: University of Leicester to Hold International Conference

June 2001

No 60

The Chief Medical Officer, Liam Donaldson, will be a keynote speaker at the University of Leicester Inaugural Inter-Professional Education conference.

The aim of the conference is to promote the development of inter-professional education for health and social care professions in public and voluntary sectors, in line with Government recommendations for modernising services in Leicestershire.

The conference will consider how Leicestershire should address the changing requirements of professional training. The aim is to develop a vision for future learning, which will prepare health and social care workers for the teamwork required in the delivery of modern public services.

Dr Angela Lennox, Director of the University's Centre for Studies in Community Health Care at Prince Philip House, Leicester, said : "We believe that inter-professional education should be given the highest profile, so we are proud to launch this inaugural conference with the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Liam Donaldson and to follow his talk with Professor Marshall Marinker who was the founding Professor of General Practice at the University of Leicester.

The keynote speakers will reflect the evolving role of inter-professional learning in the development of a workforce which is 'fit for purpose' in the modernised NHS. This work is very much in line with the developments of undergraduate medical training which will take place when the new Planned Care Site comes into operation in the General Hospital.

The afternoon session will commence with the experiences of delivering inter-professional education in Linköping University, Sweden, where it is normal practice for medical, nursing, therapy and social work students to begin their training together and complete their training by running a hospital ward.

Funding for this inaugural conference has come from the Leicester Health Action Zone and the NHS Executive (Trent).

Professor Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, is a former member of the academic staff at the University of Leicester, where he also obtained a higher degree. Professor Marshall Marinker, was founding Professor in General Practice at the University of Leicester and is a visiting Professor of General Practice at Guys, King's & St Thomas's Medical School. Agneta Nilsson, Director of Studies in Multi-Professional Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden, is the third keynote speaker. The Swedish university is a world leader in undergraduate inter-professional learning.

Among the oral and poster presentations throughout the day will be a group of inter-professional students who have learned together in Prince Philip House, Leicester as part of their degree courses.

The University of Leicester will set up a website on and after the conference date so that the debate can continue on-line and those stakeholders unable to attend the conference can have easy access to the information generated there. Web Site Address:www.le.ac.uk/sm/imec/index.html

The Inaugural Inter-Professional Education Conference will take place on Friday 8 June 2001 at Leicester City Football Stadium, starting with registration at 8.45 am and concluding with a panel session at 4 pm.

Note to editors: A photo and interview opportunity with keynote speakers will be available after the key note speeches at 10.45am with Liam Donaldson, Marshall Marinker and Agneta Nilsson.

  • For further information please contact Dr Angela Lennox, Chair of the Inter-Professional Conference Steering Group and Director of the Centre for Studies in Community Health Care, Prince Philip House, Malabar Road, Leicester, LE1 2NZ, Tel 0116 224 4668, email a.lennox@connectfree.co.uk

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