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International Conference to Clarify Issues of Irregular Migration Policy

June 2003

The city of Leicester, long reputed to be a model of multiculturalism, will host an international conference on Irregular Migration and Human Rights from June 28-29, 2003.

Professor Erika Szysczak is the Director of the Centre for European Law and Integration (CELI) within the Faculty of Law at the University of Leicester, where the conference will be held. She said: “This conference comes at a crucial time. Irregular migration is at the top of today’s political agenda. This conference will have an impact upon European Union and UK government policy making, giving it a clearer theoretical underpinning.

“Human rights and migration are an important issue for a subject that is perceived to threaten the stability and sustainability of the very fabric of our society. The words ‘trafficking’ in human beings’, “illegal immigrants”, asylum-seeker’ and ‘refugee’ are swathed in misunderstanding and prejudice. EU policies aim to prevent irregular migration and it is this preventative approach which will be focussed upon at the conference.

“But the conference will inform this preventative approach by addressing human rights issues from a broader theoretical and international context, with papers from leading researchers and practitioners in the field.”

There has been a wide interest in this conference, with delegates registered from as far as the Ukraine and Egypt, as well as representatives from the Council of Europe and non-governmental organisations.

Kluwer will publish the conference papers in a book in 2004. Discussing the importance of this publication Dr Ryszard Cholewinski, Deputy Director of CELI explained: “The book will assist practitioners by describing and explaining recent trends and developments as well as being of interest to social scientists, political scientists and the NGO sector.” The book will also be useful to government policy-makers, national and European parliamentarians, and those who report on and hope to influence policies, such as journalists and lobbyists.

The conference has received generous support from the EC Commission Jean Monnet Project, the Society of Legal Scholars, the Council of Europe and the British Academy.

For more information, please contact Professor Erika Szyszczak,, Faculty of Law, University of Leicester, LE1 7RH. Tel: (0116) 252 2368.

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