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Highlighting the Needs of Parents with Disabilities

October 2002
No 233

The University of Leicester has won funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to run a series of seminars exploring issues of importance to parents with disabilities, including those with mental health impairments.

The six seminars, funded under the ESRC Research Seminars Competition, will bring together not only parents with disabilities, but also academics, policy makers, practitioners, voluntary sector groups and disability organisations. The series will focus on research, policy and practice developments in the support of disabled adults in their parenting role, and will also discuss future research directions.

This follows a recent study into parenting and disability funded by the Department of Health and carried out by members of the University of Leicester Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit.

Each one-day seminar will focus on a different aspect of parenting and disability, including the ways in which health and social care agencies can support parents with disabilities, and the ways in which mainstream parent support organisations can become more accessible to parents with disabilities. Subsequent sessions will also enable graduate researchers to present and discuss their work

Dr Richard Olsen, Research Fellow in the University of Leicester Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit, and member of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Taskforce on Supporting Disabled Adults in their Parenting Role, commented: “This is an important series of seminars for many reasons, not least the central place of parenting in a range of government policies and initiatives, and the growing awareness that many disabled people are also parents and will have particular support needs to help them fulfil that role.”

The first of the seminars will take place at the University of Leicester, starting on 18 November 2002 with “Theory and Practice in the Study of Young Carers”. Each session will involve three or four key speakers, and will have places for thirty participants, drawn from professional and voluntary sectors, from academic groups and parents with disabilities.

Brief reports on each seminar will be produced, and it is hoped an edited book will be produced at the end of the seminar series in 2004.

NOTE TO EDITORS:   Further information is available from Dr Richard Olsen, University of Leicester Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit, telephone 0116 252 5422, facsimile 0116 252 5423, email:

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