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April 2000

No 84

A national conference focusing on the public benefits arising from new approaches to health care is being organised by the University of Leicester.

The Department of General Practice & Primary Health Care and the Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit, both at the University of Leicester, are organising the conference entitled Partnerships for Health, do they work, can we tell? It will take place at King's Fund, London on Thursday 4th May 2000.

Dr Andrew Wilson, of the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, said: "The conference's aim is to examine methods and early results of evaluations of local partnerships initiatives, including a recent evaluation undertaken by the University of Leicester of the pioneering and innovative St Matthew's Project."

These initiatives aim to encourage partnership between agencies and the community, and between agencies themselves. Contributors to the conference include Professor Ken Judge, who leads the national evaluation of health action zones, and Dr Maureen Dalziel, Director of the National Co-ordinating Centre for NHS Service Delivery and Organisation R & D.

The conference will include workshops on methods used in evaluation including action research, community empowerment and self-evaluation by communities.


Attendance at the conference, which is funded by NHSE Trent, is by invitation only. Proceedings will be recorded, edited and published. We are keen to invite members of the press and are targeting selected newspapers and professional journals. For further details please contact Hillary Watkinson on 0116 258 4367 or email hmw10@le.ac.uk

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