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Guided Tour of the University of Leicester

April 2002

No 82  

The University of Leicester is again opening up the campus to the general public. An 80th Anniversary guided tour will be conducted by Blue Badge Guide Diana Courtney on Wednesday, May 15.  

The tours have been popular since their launch five years ago and extend the University’s close ties with the local community.

The tour is regarded as an ideal opportunity to provide greater access to the university campus, as well as the open days, public lectures and musical events, which always attract keen participation.

The University of Leicester was founded as a living war memorial following the First World War – the University is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a host of public events. It has always enjoyed a close relationship with the city and it welcomes more visitors who would like to see its buildings and gain an on-the-spot insight into its history and work.

The free tour commences at 7pm, leaving from the Fielding Johnson Building at the University.

Mrs Courtney said, “One of the gems of past tours has been the viewing of a beautifully illustrated 500-year-old book which is very fascinating.

“The University has pride of place in Leicester as a seat of great learning and research advances. It also has an important place in history and a past that is as fascinating as its future is exciting.”

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! The Tourist Information office on Every Street will take bookings. There is a maximum number of 25 people on the tour.

Parking is available on Campus after 5.30pm. Refreshments will also be available.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Diana Courtney on 0116 273 3721.

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