May 2000

No 109

Chemistry staff at the University of Leicester are finding new and environmentally friendly ways of making a difference in their area of work. In recent years scientists have been working to reduce the impact that industrial processes have upon the environment. Several researchers at the University of Leicester are investigating new ways of carrying out chemical processes using environmentally “friendly” methods and the recently formed Leicester Green Chemistry Group is now working closely with industry to develop these ideas.

Dr Andrew Abbott of the Department of Chemistry said: “Previously, strategies have centred on reducing emissions but Green Chemistry involves redesigning a process from an environmental perspective to minimise waste and by-products at all stages.

“Amongst the key contributions made by the University of Leicester has been the development of new, recyclable solvents.”

The Leicester Green Chemistry Group hosted a meeting on May 24 at which scientists from all over the Midlands discussed their latest research. Topics discussed included everything from using enzymes as clean methods of carrying out chemical reactions to fuel cells as non-polluting alternatives for car engines.


For more information, please contact Dr Abbott on 0116 252 2087.

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