September 1999

No 161

Three senior members of the Geology Department are retiring from the University of Leicester after a total of almost 100 years of service. And, at a Symposium on Friday 17 September, past and present co-workers from throughout the country will pay tribute to the three and summarise the international impact of their research work.

This will be followed by a dinner organised by the Department and its alumni, which will be attended by about 120 people. There will be presentations to the retirees. They are:

Professor John Hudson

Joined the University in 1968, and has been head of department for various periods. His research interests vary from global climate issues to Jurassic fossils to problems with radon gas health hazards in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

Professor Aftab Khan

Joined the University in 1966, and has also been head of department for several periods. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Public Orator for the University. His major research work has been in studying the East African Rift valley, mainly in Kenya, to which he has led several international expeditions. As a seismologist he has fired many tens of tons of explosives there!

Dr Allan Mills

Has held a joint appointment between the Physics and Astronomy and Geology Departments. His research has ranged from mechanisms of formation of craters on the moon and the geology of other planets, to the history of time measurement. He designed the Astronomical Clock on the Rattray Lecture Theatre and was responsible for the sundials on the front of the Bennett Building.

Speakers at the symposium will include astronomer and broadcaster Heather Couper and Nigel Henblest, and other eminent alumni of the University.

PHOTOCALL: There is a photocall at 4 pm on Friday 17 September in front of the Astronomical Clock, Rattray Lecture Theatre, University of Leicester. The three retirees will be present.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Richard J. Aldridge, Professor of Palaeontology and Head of Department, Phone: 0116 252 3610, email: ra12@leicester.ac.uk
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