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Future Challenges in the Fight Against Heart Disease

May 2002
No 100

Challenges in the battle against heart-disease will be tackled at a free public lecture to be delivered at the University of Leicester on Monday, May 20.

Professor Sir Charles George, Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation will deliver the lecture:The Fight Against Heart Disease: Successes and Future Challenges.

Professor George said: "In recent years, there have been many achievements in the fight against heart disease. We have seen an increase in the numbers of children surviving who are born with congenital heart conditions from 20% to 85%. In adults, the number of people dying from coronary heart disease has dropped by 10% in the last two years. 

"However, there is still much to be done. With increasing levels of obesity and physical inactivity in adults and children, it is foreseeable that there could be more people than ever before living with the consequences of heart disease. Although we may be winning some of the battles in the fight against heart disease, the war is far from over.

"I look forward to speaking at the University of Leicester, one of the leading centres for heart research in the UK, about the successes and the challenges we face in the continuing war against heart disease"..

Scientists from the University of Leicester are engaged in a number of key research projects, including:

         One of the world's biggest studies into causes of hereditary heart disease, funded by the British Heart Foundation

         Investigating why some people suffer heart attacks at a younger age than others, funded by the British Heart Foundation

         Probing the causes of cardiac arhythmia, a condition in which the heart does not pump blood efficiently around the body.

Professor Sir Charles George qualified in medicine at the University of Birmingham. He is former Dean of Medicine at the University of Southampton and a former chairman of the General Medical Council's Education Committee. He was knighted in 1998 for services to medicine and medical education.

Dr Frank May MBE was conferred with an Honorary Freedom of the City of Leicester in December. A retired businessman with a local and national reputation for public service, he is a former member of the University Council, an honorary graduate and a generous supporter of the University. He has established and funds two annual medical science lectures.

         The Frank May Clinical Sciences Lecture: The Fight Against Heart Disease: Successes and Future Challenges will be delivered by Sir Charles George, Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation on Monday, May 20 at 5.30pm, Lecture Theatre 1, Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building, University of Leicester. It is free and open to the public.

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