New book looks into football's future

A new book that aims to predict the future of football is launched today (Thursday May 25). The book, The Future of Football: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century, is edited by experts Jon Garland, Dominic Malcolm and Michael Rowe from the University of Leicester.

The Future of Football explores the world's favourite game from the point of view of fans, players, policy-makers, professional football club personnel, pressure group leaders, administrators and researchers.

While the collection broaches established subjects such as hooliganism, racism and international politics it also addresses many new issues: the changing role of referees and match officials, technological innovations in refereeing and policing, problems of player migration and the impact of European law on the sport. In short, all the issues of concern to football supporters everywhere are covered in this cutting edge collection.

Among other things, the volume suggests that:

Football crowds have not changed in the way that many pundits suggest, and that there has not been a large influx of female or family supporters; More football clubs in England, including those at the Úlite level, will soon be in perilous financial trouble because they are over-reliant on television revenue to survive, a strategy that's increasingly dangerous as the future of the allocation of TV rights is more uncertain; Hooliganism will continue to be a significant blight on the game unless its unorganised nature is better understood by those responsible for policing it; Racism is still a serious problem within football and has yet to be tackled properly.

Jon Garland, Research Fellow at the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester, said: 'The Future of Football covers a diverse range of subjects that are of central interest to anyone - be they fan, director or administrator - who cares about what direction the game will take in the next ten years'.

Dr Michael Rowe, Lecturer in Policing, at the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester, said: 'Football is going through changing times, and this book contains chapters by many of those who are playing important roles in its development. We are fortunate that such key personnel have contributed to this book, which we hope will have a major impact in the way the game is shaped'.

Dominic Malcolm, Research Fellow at the Centre for Research into Sport and Society, University of Leicester, said: 'The Future of Football tackles subjects such as hooliganism, racism, TV coverage and finance, and suggests that the game's transformation of the last decade or so has brought up as many problems as it has solved'.

The Future of Football: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Jon Garland, Dominic Malcolm and Michael Rowe, is published today by Frank Cass.


For further information, contact:

  • Jon Garland 0116 252 5701 email jgd@le.ac.uk
  • Michael Rowe 0116 252 5705 email mr5@le.ac.uk
  • Dominic Malcolm 0116 252 5933 email dem4@le.ac.uk
  • Please note none of the above is available after 4pm today (Thursday 25 May). The launch is taking place at the Arsenal ground, Highbury, between 6.30pm-8.30pm, Thursday May 25.

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