[Press and Publications] Tackling Energy Matters with Gusto!

February 2001

No 13

The University of Leicester has appointed a new Energy Manager who aims to improve energy efficiency in the University.

Jamie Goth, who comes to the University with a background in training and providing advice on energy campaigns and projects, aims to reduce ‘energy waste’.

Mr Goth said: “Recent flooding and inclement weather has raised the profile of the climate change debate. This and other environmental impacts associated with the use of energy are important driving forces behind the University’s employment of a new Energy Manager.

“I will work with departments to identify areas where they can reduce “energy waste” to support their activities and protect the environment. My work involves providing information on the energy efficiency of new appliances and equipment, as well as how to get the best from ones already in use. Our aim is to improve energy performance by optimising capital and running cost.”

The University believes it can also increase energy efficiency through simple no-cost measures which can be taken by staff and students without adversely affecting work or comfort conditions.

The Earthcare campaign strives to:

  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Extend the life of finite fossil fuel supply reduce costs so that more resources can be allocated into education.

    Mr Goth’s industrial and commercial links may be of benefit to departments seeking partners for co-operative research projects in innovative energy technologies and other areas. The University of Leicester is involved in a number of projects that are of environmental interest. These include:

  • Earth Observation Science
  • Research into benzene in the environment
  • Studying the link between air pollution and childhood illness
  • Biologists have been investigating the deaths of tens of thousands of flamingos is East Africa
  • Engineers are engaged in a project to make clean drinking water more accessible to people in developing countries
  • Investigations are taking place into the origins of the pernicious weed, the Japanese Knotweed
  • The Leicester Green Chemistry Group aims to eliminate or reduce hazardous emissions from chemical plants, using chemistry that does not create waste.

    For more information, please contact Jamie Goth on 0116 252 2308 or email him at jag2m@admin.le.ac.uk.

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