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April 2000

No 78

The new millennium brings with it an unprecedented globalisation of trade and industry. But the year 2000 also marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of the East India Company as the enormously powerful trading organisation that established and expanded the British Empire in India.

To mark this important event in British and Asian history, the University of Leicester has taken the lead in organising a major international conference to be held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich between 13 and 15 July.

Dr Huw Bowen, from the University’s Department of Economic and Social History, and Dr Geoff Quilley, from the History of Art Department, together with colleagues from the National Maritime Museum and the British Library, have brought together a truly international field of distinguished historians from four continents to discuss the cultural, economic, political, and social impact of the Company on east and west.

Dr Bowen has also recently secured a grant worth £1,500 from the prestigious British Academy that will aid the financing of the conference.

Looking forward to the conference Dr Bowen said, "The East India Company founded the British Empire in India, and as such it has had a major impact on the history of both Britain and Asia. The conference offers the opportunity for this impact to be fully assessed by leading scholars from around the world."

For more information, contact Dr Bowen on 0116 252 2883, email hvb2@le.ac.uk, or Helen Jones at the National Maritime Museum on 020 8212 6716, email research@nmm.ac.uk.

The National Maritime Museum's website is at http://www.nmm.ac.uk

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