[Press and Publications] Anger Management in Schools: Building Self Esteem for Teachers and Pupils

Developing Emotional Literacy. Feel Good = Learn Well Conference at the University of Leicester, Saturday, November 4th, 2000, 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, Fraser Noble Hall, 2 University Road, Leicester.

Challenges faced by teachers in managing troubled and troublesome children in schools will be the subject of a day-long conference being organised by the University of Leicester.

Teachers, along with parents, governors, speech and language therapists, advisers and educational psychologists will converge on the University's School of Education to come to grips with the problems faced in education - at the ‘chalkface’.

They will hear from experts on how to deal with anger as well as promote self esteem.

Conference organiser, Dr Morag Hunter-Carsch, a lecturer in education, said: “Teachers are expected to keep raising standards for all children in all areas of the curriculum.

“So, for pupils who struggle to cope with frustrations about their academic achievement, or who are worried about things at home, or are simply tired or not very well, it becomes an added challenge simply to control their frustration or even anger about the demands being made on them by school.

“It is not surprising that some of them become sufficiently frustrated to act aggressively or ‘hit out’ at those they think are responsible. The teachers are often first in the firing line. They are often in the position of having to respond to children’s frustrations and anger at things which are sometimes not limited to school or learning problems.

“The day course provides a systematic training in how to understand and how to cope in practical terms. Delegates can get a certificate for their participation in the training course.”

Mrs Hunter-Carsch said children in schools now faced problems not encountered by their predecessors - new communications, modes of learning and there were higher expectations of students. Even the ‘sound-bite culture’ of modern life which leaves little time for reflective exchanges.

“The nature of the teacher-student relationship has to respond to changing times and signs of trust and respect may not always be offered and ‘read’ as easily as in the past or may be simply seemingly rudely, missed out. The intentions of the pupils and teachers in interactions may not be as easily ‘read’. This is why we need a course in ‘emotional literacy’.

“We have put ‘esteem’ on the agenda because it is intimately connected with how well people learn. They will be diminished in learning power if they do not feel good about themselves.”

“Despite the onslaught against teachers and the excess of criticism of them- their job has never been tougher. Those who remain in teaching and the new applicants show a dedication that is worthy of proper recognition and respect. Teachers need to have well supported training in the areas such as ‘emotional literacy'.

This is the twelfth conference in the successful "Sharing Good Practice" run by University of Leicester's School of Education Continuing Professional Development Unit in conjunction with the local branch of the United Kingdom Reading Association and the Leicestershire Dyslexia Association.

The event is a full day programme to be held in the Fraser Noble Hall, 2,University Road, Leicester on Saturday, November 4th from 9.00 am until 4.30 pm on "Developing Emotional Literacy. Feel Good = Learn Well".

Experts Peter Sharp and Adrian Faupel, educational psychologists working in the Southampton area, will address the conference about the important issues relating to meeting the needs of children with behavioural problems.

  • For any further background information, a brochure and application form please contact the CPD Office 0116 252 3688 mentioning the Sharing Good Practice Conference on Saturday, November 4th.


    For more information, please contact Morag Hunter-Carsch on 0116 252 3688 email cmh16@le.ac.uk

    Morag will be specifically available for media interviews on Wednesday November 1st between noon and 1.50 pm and 3-5 pm on 0116 252 3703. Messages at any other time can be left on 0116 252 3688.

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