September 1999

No 169

Dutch visitors sample local history

A taste of Stilton is high on the agenda this weekend when Leicestershire hosts a group of visitors from cheese-rich Holland.

Katya Bossaers, Jan Brugman and Fred Vogelzang are officials in the Dutch Department of Culture who aim to introduce degree courses modelled on those pioneered by the Department of English Local History at the University of Leicester.

They also want to meet members of local history societies, so are travelling to Melton Mowbray, where every month around ninety people meet to talk about the town's past.

"No visit to Melton is complete without sampling pork pies and Stilton," says the academic coordinating the visit, Dr Graham Jones. "Regional foods tell the historian a lot about the character of the landscape and its people."

The three visitors will also visit the award-winning museum run by Hallaton Historical Society, join would-be weekend archaeologists at the Jewry Wall Museum in Leicester, and talk to past and present students of the department.

We're proud that the 'Leicester School' approach has become internationally-known," says Dr Jones. "Earlier this year we had a similar visit from Professor Renzo Dionogi, vice-chancellor of the University of Insubria in Italy.

"All across Europe, regions are rediscovering their identities as the EU develops, and the University of Leicester is a world-leader in teaching regional culture and history.

"For example, a member of our department is due to speak next week to a conference convened to discuss the pressure for a regional assembly in North-East England."

Note to newsdesks: For more information or to arrange photographs, please contact Dr Graham Jones on 0116 252 2765 (direct) or 0116 252 2762 (department and voicemail).

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