[Press & Publications] BEYOND THE ATHLETE: A New Look at Doping in Sport

September 1999

No 159

Incidents of athletes found to have taken illegal drugs have been increasing continuously over the past two or three decades, yet investigations into cases have traditionally focused on individual athletes and ignored the possible influence of sports physicians and trainers.

That this needs to change is the basis of a presentation to be made to the European Commission by the Director of the University of Leicester Centre for Research into Sport and Society, Dr Ivan Waddington.

Dr Waddington is one of two people from the United Kingdom who has been asked to make a report to the European Commission in Brussels on 21 September 1999. He will present a paper on the sociological aspects of doping in sport before 150 people from the international world of sport, including delegates from the International Olympics Committee.

"There are numerous world-documented examples of the involvement of doctors in doping and this came out particularly clearly in the 1998 Tour de France, where there was unambiguous and incontrovertible evidence of the systematic involvement of team doctors in doping," Dr Waddington said.

Dr Ivan Waddington is available for comment today only, 14 September 1999, telephone 0116 252 5935, facsimile 0116 252 5720.

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