[Press and Public Relations] The Pitchfork Disney Comes To Town

November 2001

No 172

Move over Freddie Krueger. The Pitchfork Disney is ready for its next victim. Halloween might be over but the spookiness continues as the University of Leicester Theatre Group prepares to give us the fright of the year.

Since Mummy’s and Daddy's death years ago, 28-year old twins Presley (Simon Reilly) and Haley (Cat Hallsworth) sequester themselves in their London flat, subsisting on chocolate and sleeping pills. Their terror of the outside world is made all too real when they open their door to Cosmo Disney (Patrick Spragg), a larger-than-life nightclub entertainer with a grotesquely disfigured assistant, Pitchfork Cavalier (Tony Joslin). When Disney pays a visit, prepare to face your wildest fears.

The Pitchfork Disney was first performed on London's Fringe in 1991 and quickly moved on to cult status in Europe. In Berlin, it achieved a following akin to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with the audience showing up dressed like the play's creepy characters.

Simon Reilly (playing the lead) explains the show’s appeal. "Nobody really gets thrills from blood and gore on stage anymore. With Pitchfork Disney, you keep getting thrown because the scare is psychological instead of visceral. It's a funhouse ride, and you laugh one moment and are aghast the next.

“It's all about investigating your own fears, but then having fun watching someone else go through theirs while you watch from the safety of your theatre seat."

Certainly, The Pitchfork Disney is not for the kiddies or the weak of heart. If, however, you long for the thrill of the plummeting roller-coaster, then step aboard.

The University of Leicester Theatre presents The Pitchfork Disney by Phillip Ridley, directed by Bea Armstrong and Kate O’Shaugnessy on 15-17 November 2001 at the Attenborough Tower Theatre, University of Leicester. Performances are at 9.30 pm, Thursday 15th, and at 7.30 pm on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th.

For credit card bookings please telephone 0116 252 2000, Tickets are also available from the University Bookshop.

Note to editors: Further information and press tickets are available from Simon Reilly, University of Leicester Theatre, telephone 07929 608416, email smr12@leicester.ac.uk

PHOTOCALL: There is a photo opportunity at the dress rehearsal on Wednesday 14 November at 7:30pm in the Attenborough Tower Theatre, University of Leicester

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