The University of Leicester will play host to a spectacular 24-hour marathon event on December 1 in aid of World Aids Day.

It will feature the British 100km Champion and a fun/fancy dress run, as well as a simultaneous race being run in Ontario - linked to Leicester via the internet. Orkney's current British 100km Champion, William Sichel from Sanday, will take part in the World Aids Day 24 Hour event on December 1st and 2nd.

William will be facing tough opposition from top Canadian competitors running in a simultaneous event in Canada. An indoor track in Waterloo near Toronto will be the venue for the other World Aids Day 24 Hour race.

Both races will start at precisely the same time, 10.00am in Canada and 3.00pm in Leicester. The event in Leicester will take place on a 0.4 mile road course at the University of Leicester. Lap recorders will note William's progress and keep him abreast of the performances in Canada. Hourly updates will be e-mailed between the two races so that both fields will know what is happening in the other race. Furthermore, internet updates will be posted to the 'Ultra Marathon World' website so that a global audience can follow the progress of both races.

The whole idea was the brainchild of Canadian 100km team member Ryne Melcher who wanted to raise funds for Aids charities by innovative means. The University of Leicester organiser, student Emma Staniland, had met Ryne when acting as a translator at this year's World 100km Championships in France - hence the idea for the world's first 'cyber race' was born.

Emma said: " I will also be taking part in the race, but not running - as part of the fun laps I will be pushing my friend Sam around in a shopping trolley."

Emma added: "Aids is something we should all be aware of and it is very relevant to the society we live in."

William will be facing Vincent Hickey, the leading North American at the 100km World Championships, who will be making his debut at the 24 hour event, as well as leading members of the Canadian 100km team and their current National 24 Hour Champion.



Race Organisers:

Canada - Ryne Melcher: skee_randee@hotmail.com

England - Emma Staniland: els15@leicester.ac.uk

Colin Hide, Sports & Recreation Manager, University of Leicester, Tel (0116) 271 9144, Fax (0116) 271 1636, Mobile 0973 504345.

William Sichel, Upper Breckan, Sanday, Orkney KW17 2AZ. Tel/Fax: 01857 600421, email: william.sichel@zetnet.co.uk

Coach/Sports Science Support: David Murrie, Head of Sport & Exercise Science, University of Sunderland, Tel 0191 515 2175.

Photographs (Prints & Electronic transmission) Ken Amer, Orkney Photographic Tel: 01856 873574, Mobile: 0780 8961780.

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