[Press and Public Relations] New Cyber Officer at University of Leicester [Science; Internet]

October 2000

No 183

The University of Leicester is taking a lead role in promoting science communications in the UK with a new ‘cyber officer’ based in the city.

Leicester science communications specialist Jean Collins has taken on the role of promoting the international AlphaGalileo internet news service and is based at the University’s Space Research Centre.

The British Association for the Advancement of Science is also basing its East Midlands Regional Office at the University of Leicester, with Jean Collins promoting science in five counties.

Jean said: “AlphaGalileo is the fast effective way to get science, medicine and technology news to journalists around the world. The site gives journalists 24 hours-a-day access to media information showing them the full email text and event details with background press information promoting European science.

“We offer contributors a fast secure route to the world’s science media. Material can be published on the web under an embargo system that only allows accredited journalists access.”

AlphaGalileo, launched by Lord Sainsbury in 1998, has over 1,800 registered journalists and 900 contributors across Europe. Registration and use of the service is free – the service is funded by the British, French and German governments, British research councils and the Wellcome Trust.

Jean has a long history of involvement in science education, and was also involved in carrying out a feasibility for the Challenger Learning Centre in the early 90s.

Jean Collins can be contacted on jco@star.le.ac.uk or telephone 0116 252 2675.

The AlphaGalileo Internet-based press service for science, medicine and technology can be accessed via the following address:


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