[Press and Public Relations] Crimestoppers Goes East!

January 2002

No 12

Crimestoppers, or its equivalent ‘Zupyny Zlochyntsia’ will be launched in one of the largest Ukrainian cities on 15th January 2002. This is the first time that any former republic of the Soviet Union has adopted Crimestoppers as a crime reduction tool.

The British Ambassador to Ukraine, Roland Smith, together with the Chief Constable of the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv will formally launch ‘Zupyny Zlochyntsia’, which literally translates as ‘Stop a Criminal’. This forms part of a pioneering programme of change aimed at improving the relationship between the police and the public.

Adrian Beck, who is the project director based at the University of Leicester says: ‘We are delighted that the Crimestoppers initiative is about to become a reality. Developing closer links between the police and the public is an important process in transforming the police of the former Soviet Union from a force focused on serving the state, to one prioritising the needs of local communities. This is one of many initiatives we are launching to try and accelerate this process and learn more about what is transferable from the British context.’

The scheme is part of a 3-year project funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It will be administered by police officers located in the central Police Headquarters, who will then co-ordinate the flow of information to the officers working in the police units taking part. Where appropriate, a small reward will be paid to those members of public that provide information leading to an arrest and charge.

The project team relied heavily upon the experience of UK police forces and the Crimestoppers Trust in setting up the scheme. Yulia Chistyakova, one of the team added: ‘Zupyny Zlochyntsia will build upon the successes and experiences of Crimestoppers in the UK. Since its inception in 1988, information through the anonymous freephone number has led to 45 thousand arrests and to the recovery of over £49 million worth of property and £60 million worth of drugs’.

The launch will take place at the Kharkiv regional Police Headquarters in Ukraine. Taking part in the event will be the UK Ambassador for Ukraine, the Chief Constable of the Kharkiv Region, the vice-rector of the National University of Internal Affairs, Inspector Martin Wright from the West Midlands Police, Adrian Beck, project director, University of Leicester, and Yulia Chistyakova, project co-ordinator, University of Leicester.

For further information, please contact:

Adrian Beck (Project Director) bna@le.ac.uk Telephone: work number +44 (0) 116 252 5988; home number +44 (0) 116 270 1995, Fax: +44 (0) 116 252 5934

Yulia Chistyakova (Project co-ordinator) yc7@le.ac.uk Telephone: +44 (0) 116 252 5916,

Fax: +44 (0) 116 252 5934



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