[Press & Publications] Crime Experts Gather at University of Leicester

June 2000

No 132


Most men come up with the same excuse when stopped for kerb-crawling, a study to be presented at the British Criminology Conference at the University of Leicester, reveals.

Over 400 delegates from around the world will hear more than 200 presentations on different aspects of crime, its causes and reactions to it. The conference is being held from July 5-7.

The paper on kerb-crawling follows analysis of 518 records of men stopped by police and found that there was a model of response that emerged.

In a paper entitled 'I never normally do this but I've just split up with my girlfriend', the author, Belinda Brooks-Gordon, of the University of Leicester, states that traditional research into sex work has focused on women in prostitution. She states: Male clients have been so hidden that their motivations, characteristics and behaviour patterns have been difficult for researchers to study empirically.

Following her study in London, she said: A subsequent close critical analysis of the discursive techniques men use to justify and account for their actions highlights the thought processes and precede and make such behaviour possible.

Papers to be presented at the conference include the following topics:

  • How shoplifters shop the store
  • Fox hunting
  • Treatment of sex offenders
  • Corporate crime
  • The future(s) of racism, ethnicity and criminology
  • Kerb crawling
  • Links between spouse abuse and child abuse
  • Computer and internet crime/pornography
  • Ritual murders and acid baths
  • Domestic violence - black women's perspective; Asian women's resistance; police responses
  • Death penalty
  • Gulf war illness
  • Begging
  • Racism on the internet
  • Prostitution-'renting'
  • Inter-ethnic conflict
  • Road rage
  • Asylum seekers
  • Dr Martin Gill, Director of the internationally-renowned Scarman Centre at the University of Leicester, and chair of the conference's organising committee, said: This special conference is designed to consider the future of crime control and in so doing will look back at some of the more successful and unsuccessful ideas of the last century.

    The University of Leicester won the right to host the conference against competition from other universities. The organising committee includes representatives from Economics, Law, Psychology, the Scarman Centre and has also drawn upon expertise in the Economic and Social History department.

    The new Millennium provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on how we could control crime better in the future. Offenders are becoming more skillful, the world is becoming a smaller place and we need to co-ordinate our efforts in a much more systematic way if we are to meet the serious challenges that lie ahead.

    Estella Baker (Law) who first proposed the idea of bidding for the conference noted, 'the award of the conference is testimony to the impressive range and depth of expertise in all aspects of the study of crime that exists at the University of Leicester. It also presents us with a fantastic opportunity to promote dialogue between academics and policy makers about one of the most pervasive and pressing issues of modern life: crime'.

    Notes to newsdesk:

    Organising Committee Contact Details

    Dr Martin Gill (Scarman Centre), tel 0116 252 5709, mobile 07939 225 187, fax: 0116 252 5766, email: mg26@le.ac.uk,

    Estella Baker (Law), tel 0116 252 2753, fax 0116 252 5023, email exb@le.ac.uk,

    Ziggy MacDonald (Economics), tel 0116 252 2894, fax 0116 252 2908, email ab1m@le.ac.uk,

    Dr Emma Palmer (Psychology), tel 0116 252 2159, fax 0116 252 3993, email ejp8@le.ac.uk,

    For more details about the conference and further particulars about the papers to be presented at the conference, please check the following web address: http://www.le.ac.uk/bsc2000/

    CONFERENCE PROGRAMME, Wednesday 5 July 2000

  • 10.30 onwards Registration
  • 11.30-12.30 BSC Council Meeting
  • 12.00-13.00 Lunch
  • 13.10-13.30 Welcoming Address
  • 13.30-14.30 Plenary: Ken Pease (Huddersfield University)
  • The Futures of Criminology
  • 14.30-16.00 Workshop Sessions
  • 16.00-16.15 Tea/Coffee1
  • 6.15-17.45 Workshop Sessions
  • 17.45-18.45 Special Sessions1
  • 9.00-20.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 onwards Reception and Ceilidh
  • Thursday 6 July 2000

  • 8.00-9.00 Breakfast
  • 9.30-11.00 Workshop Sessions
  • 11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee(Sponsored by the ASC)
  • 11.30-13.00 Workshop Sessions
  • 13.00-14.30 Lunch
  • 14.30-16.00 Workshop Sessions
  • 16.00-16.30 Tea/Coffee
  • 16.30-17.45 Plenary:
  • Three Views of Criminology in the 21st Century
  • 18.00-19.00 British Society of Criminology AGM
  • 19.00 Reception
  • 20.00 onwards Conference Dinner
  • Friday 7 July 2000

  • 8.00-9.00 Breakfast
  • 9.30-11.00 Workshop Sessions
  • 11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee
  • 11.30-13.00 Workshop Sessions
  • 13.00-14.00 Lunch
  • Registration takes place at the Gilbert Murray Hall at University of Leicester Conference Centre in Oadby. The contact number for the Conference Reception between July 5-7 is 0116 215 5293 (Office hours). In case of difficulties, ring the Scarman Centre on 0116 252 3946 or the University Press Office 0116 252 3335; mobile 0411 927821.

    A map to the conference centre is posted on the following website: http://www.le.ac.uk/bsc2000/


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