[Press and Public Relations] Creativity the Winner for Dance Pair [Richard Attenborough Centre]

September 2001

No 131

Two young contemporary dancers soon to appear at the University of Leicester Richard Attenborough Centre are living proof that disability need not be a barrier to creativity.

Sheagh Broomhall (27) and Tina Dixon (24) are former members of Anjali Dance Company, all of whose dancers have a learning disability. Now working independently as a duo, they have been awarded a Scope 'give it a go' Millennium Award, enabling them to spend a year developing their skills.

Through periods of intensive creative work with three professional choreographers, they have created new dance pieces for performance and for use in educational programmes delivered to the community at large. Their goal is to continue their career in dance and become an established dance company of professional standard.

On 3rd October Sheagh and Tina will perform a piece entitled "4.S.01" as part of the Richard Attenborough Centre's Wednesday lunchtime performing arts series "Spotlights". Choreographed by Rosalind Conlon in response to the sudden death of a friend's son, the piece explores the grieving process and feelings of bereavement. Later that afternoon they will lead a workshop for able-bodied dance students using "Not Fred Not Ginger", a piece choreographed for them by James Hewison.

Steven Pegg, Development Officer and Performing Arts Co-ordinator at the Richard Attenborough Centre, said: "Our Centre exists to provide an integrated environment in which disabled and non-disabled arts practitioners and students can work side by side, learning together and being inspired by one another. Tina and Sheagh's work here, both performing and teaching, will be a perfect example of this. We are deeply grateful to them for coming to share their creativity with us."

Entry to the lunchtime "Spotlight" performance, which commences at 12.45p.m. and which will also feature Leicester-based dance trio Fervent Defacto, is free to the public and advance booking is not required. Participation in the workshop from 4 to 5 p.m. is also free: to register as a workshop participant or observer, please call 0116 252 2455.

Note to newsdesk: For more information, please contact Steven Pegg, University of Leicester Richard Attenborough Centre, 0116 252 2455.

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