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September 1999


Elderly men driving beige 2CVs are seen as the least aggressive drivers in motor accidents.

This is the finding of research presented today, Wednesday 29 September, by Professor Graham Davies of Leicester University, at The British Psychological Society's Division of Forensic Psychology Conference, held at Churchill College, Cambridge.

Participants were given details of a motor accident where it was unclear who was at fault. The details of the driver, the colour and make of the car were varied. Participants were then asked to make judgments about the likely speed, position on the road and blame for the accident. The study found great differences in judgments depending on the age of the drivers, the colour and make of the cars involved. This was true even though the other facts of the case remained unchanged. For example, young men driving XR3s were perceived to be the most aggressive drivers. This may effect the evidence of witnesses of these events and the outcomes of insurance assessments.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Martha Blom-Cooper, Conference Press Officer, tel. 01394 411741 ext 297 (work), 0441 064815 (mobile) or fax 01394 410115.

DURING THE CONFERENCE 27 -29 September CONTACT: Stasia Osiowy, Amanda Matravers, Rebecca Horn or Martha Blom-Cooper, Conference Press Officers, tel. 01223 336053 or fax. 01223 336198.
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