[Press and Public Relations] Cinema of Flames: Balkan Film, Culture and the Media

September 2001

No 115

The troubled Balkans have dominated news headlines since the break-up of Yugoslavia and a University of Leicester expert has now written a book revealing how the area’s recent turbulent history has been reflected in an explosion of cinematic activity.

As a result of her research into the rich variety of international film projects triggered by political events in the Balkans, Dr Dina Iordanova, lecturer and researcher in the University’s Centre for Mass Communication Research, has recently published, Cinema of Flames: Balkan Film, Culture and the Media (London, BFI, 2001).

In the book she explores how regional conflicts spawned films such as Underground, Ulysses’ Gaze, Before the Rain, Pretty Village, Pretty Flame and Welcome to Sarajevo, taking a leading but ambiguous role in defining the Balkan upheaval through a narrow range of selectively defined images.

Dr Iordanova said: “Cinema of Flames attempts to go deeper than the imagery and address some of the general concerns of the cross-cultural representation and self-representation of the Balkans - narrative strategies within the context of Balkan exclusion from the European cultural sphere, the cosmopolitan image of Sarajevo, diaspora, and the representations of villains, victims, women and ethnic minorities, all considered in the general context of Balkan cinema.”

Research for Dr Iordanova’s project was supported by the Rockefeller foundation.

Note to Editors: Cinema of Flames: Balkan Film, Culture and the Media was published by BFI Publishing (2001). For further information please contact Dr Dina Iordanova, University of Leicester Centre for Mass Communication Research, telephone +44 (0)116 252 3877, email di4@le.ac.uk.

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