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'Chipping' children would not make them safer, claims technology expert

September 2002

A leading expert on personal location technology at the University of Leicester has hit out at national reports that suggest children might be safer if they were 'chipped'.

Professor Peter Fisher, Professor of Geographical Information at the University of Leicester, claims though the technology exists- it would place children in greater danger.

His fears were voiced after national media reported interest in the technology following the Soham killings.

Professor Fisher said: "The technology now exists to allow us to track individuals very precisely and at relatively low cost. It has been suggested that children might somehow be safer if a microchip were to be implanted, say in the arm or stomach.

"This is false. Lateral thinking around the subject makes this solution very undesirable. If a potential kidnapper knows or even suspects the implants - they are easy to find - he would not use anaesthetic to remove them! Children are therefore placed in greater danger.

"If most children have implants what will happen to abducted children who do not have implants? Will the kidnapper believe that they are not implanted or will they just keep looking for the microchip."

Professor Fisher is currently working on a paper on this very subject, entitled Geo-Slavery, which is to be published soon.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, contact Professor Fisher on 0116 212 8120 or 0116 252 3839

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