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University of Leicester 'challenging for a place in the top 10' - Sunday Times

September 2002

University of Leicester, an 'outstanding performer' Financial Times

The University of Leicester has risen further up the Sunday Times league table of universities and been cited as being a University 'challenging for a place in the top 10.'

The Sunday Times University Guide, published on September 15, 2002, places Leicester as one of the top three places to study in the Midlands.

The University of Leicester was awarded a total of 744 points from the following categories: teaching quality, research quality, A-Level points, employment, Firsts awarded, student/staff ratio and drop out rate.

Leicester was placed 19- one position ahead of its 2001 standing when it broke into the top 20 for the first time.

It was placed ahead of Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff, King's and Loughborough amongst others. Of the universities placed behind Leicester last year, only Southampton, SOAS and East Anglia, were ahead of it this year.

In terms of English universities, Leicester was placed 17th.

In its editorial report, the Sunday Times states: "According to the study of performance over five years, the top 10 performers include Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE, Imperial, York, UCL, Warwick, Nottingham, St Andrews and Durham.

"Universities challenging for a place within the top 10 include Manchester, Newcastle, East Anglia and Leicester. All four have seen their points total within the league table increase every year since 1998."

In its detailed profile of the University, the Sunday Times states: "A low dropout rate and an unbroken four-year run of subjects rated excellent for teaching quality have lifted Leicester further into the top 20 of our league table."

Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Burgess said: "The fact that we have risen further in the Sunday Times league table is a testament to the hard work put in by colleagues. This is a terrific result for the University and it is heartening to see that the Sunday Times has analysed our performance since 1998 and identified Leicester as an institution 'challenging for the top 10'. This is not simply an aspiration - it is our ambition. I wish to thank staff who have contributed to this major achievement."

The profile highlights the excellence of genetics and space research at Leicester and comments of the fast-track medical degree and foundation degrees. You can read the profile on the following URL:,,3501-409616,00.html


The Financial Times: Leicester was placed 17th in the table published on May 11, 2002, moving up two places from its position in 2001. It was also identified as having the highest percentage of taught postgraduates in the country. Leicester was identified as an 'outstanding performer' in terms of its five year record.

The Daily Telegraph: Published on July 27, 2002, this placed Leicester 22 and among the First Division of UK universities. The tables are compiled on the basis of teaching assessments alone.

The Guardian: In terms of Universities rather than single subject colleges Leicester was placed 24th in the Guardian tables of May 28, 2002. Departments cited in the top 20 include: Economics 14th; Engineering 9th; Archaeology 5th; History 12th; Law 13th, Politics 18th, Psychology 13th, Biosciences 19th; Chemistry 6th; History of Art 13th.

The Times: The Times published its league table on May 10, 2002, and placed Leicester at 26 - climbing seven places from the 2001 ranking of 33rd. The Times, ranking Leicester in the top quartile of UK universities, placed 15 subject areas in the top 20 in the UK. They are: Archaeology (3), Education (6), Law (9=), Medicine (9), English (10=), Engineering (10), Economics (12), History (13), Psychology (13), Chemistry (13), History of Art (13), American Studies (15), Media Studies (16), Physics and Astronomy (17), Italian (18).

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