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October 2001

No 147

The Director and Head of the Scarman Centre at the University of Leicester has been appointed as a Professor from 1 October 2001.

Professor Martin Gill has been Director of the Centre, which specialises in issues of security, risk and crime management, since 1999 and has been published on crime, security and policing in a wide range of professional journals.

His books, written with Professor Rob Mawby of Plymouth University, include A Special Constable (Avebury); Volunteers in the Criminal Justice System: A Comparative Study of Probation Police and Victim Support (Oxford University Press); Crime Victims: Needs Services and the Voluntary Sector (Tavistock).

Professor Gill has been instrumental in drawing attention to crime-related problems facing businesses, and as part of this initiative he established the Crime at Work series (Perpetuity Press).

His book, Commercial Robbery, published in 2000 by Blackstone Press, has been favourably reviewed in The British Journal of Criminology and was widely quoted in the national press. Based on interviews with 341 offenders, it offers insights into what does and does not effectively deter crime.

Due out next month, his latest book, entitled Violence at Work: Causes, Patterns and Prevention (Willan), is co-authored with Bonnie Fisher, University of Cincinnati, and Vaughan Bowie, University of Western Sydney.

Professor Gill is currently taking part in a Home Office study, Evaluating Burglary Reduction Projects in the Midlands, working with the Universities of Keele and Manchester. He is also researching shop thieves’ perceptions of security and the effectiveness of measures introduced by the financial sector to combat money laundering which has an additional significance given the tragic recent events in New York. This month he begins a major study into the effectiveness of CCTV in city centres, car parks and most importantly residential areas.

Professor Gill is a member of The Security Institute, the Security Guild, the Risk and Security Management Forum, and serves on a number of committees with the American Society of Industrial Security. He is co-editor of the Security Journal and founding editor of Risk Management: an International Journal.

Speaking of his new appointment, Professor Gill said: ‘I am honoured to have been awarded a personal chair by the University. I have received tremendous support over the years from the business world and in academia. I have been greatly influenced by colleagues and students in the Scarman Centre who help to make it a dynamic environment in which to study, and to the many people working in different aspects of security management and criminology who have remained supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic’.

Note to editors: Professor Martin Gill, Director and Head of the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester, can be contacted by telephone 0116 252 5709, facsimile 0116 252 5766, email mg26@le.ac.uk.

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