[Press and Public Relations] Boost for Gene Researchers

January 2002

No 7

Scientists at University of Leicester seeking the genes which cause many of today's medical problems have been given a major boost with the loan by a leading Loughborough company of a vital piece of equipment.

AstraZeneca R&D Charnwood has lent a DNA Sequencer to the University's Genetics Department which will be used in its efforts to find the genes which cause psoriasis and lung and heart problems.

"This is an important item of equipment which will increase the output of the department and be of considerable benefit to the staff, researchers, post-graduates and final year students in the department," said Terry Lymn, Departmental Services Manager at University of Leicester.

"It will be used for gene mapping in primary pulmonary hypertension and cardiovascular conditions as well as psoriasis. We are extremely grateful to AstraZeneca for its generosity in loaning the equipment to us," said Terry Lymn. "A new machine would have cost the University around 160,000."

A spokeswoman for AstraZeneca's Molecular Biology Department, which loaned the Sequences to the University said the company had established good links with the University of Leicester over the years. Having recently acquired a new Sequences AstraZeneca was only too happy to let the University have the old one where it could be put to good use in its research to find remedies for some of the illnesses which affect so many people.

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