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Big Brother at University of Leicester

July 2003

Big Brother has figured prominently in an international meeting of academics at the University of Leicester.

George Orwell was among the subjects discussed by film experts and historians at a conference that looked at the politics of screening 1984 and the problems of political film making in the UK.

Film and communications historians from around the world have converged on the University to discuss the ways movies imagined the future and the future of the media in the digital age as part of the twentieth biennial conference of the International Association for Media and History.

The Royal Historical Society and the InterUniversity History Film Consortium are among the organisations that have joined IAMHIST and the University of Leicester in staging this conference, which runs from July 16-19.

Sessions at the conference, The History of the Future: Visions from the Past, will examine, amongst others:

Third world issues in digital media

Jewish history and the Holocaust

H G Wells

Aliens and Time Machines

The Future in British Cinema

The event also includes the screening of the 1929 film High Treason to live musical accompaniment. On the last day of the conference, Gerry Anderson, Creator of Thunderbirds, will deliver an illustrated talk at 11.30am on Saturday, July 19 in Ken Edwards Building, Lecture Theatre 1, University of Leicester. It is open to the public- those attending are asked to make a donation to an air ambulance charity.

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