[Press & Publications] All Holds Bard for Shakespeare Marathon

April 2000

No 88

Sunday marks the 436th birthday of William Shakespeare - and students from the University of Leicester are busy preparing for a world-record attempt to read all the plays non-stop!

On 1 May, Leicester students will rise to the challenge and read Shakespeare’s plays, back to back, in chronological order, for five whole days.

Now three friends from London, who made a pact to see all Shakespeare’s plays this year, will travel up to Leicester to watch the Leicester students.

Jane Appleyard, a medical personnel project manager from London, says, “We are three, mad, fools!”

They are all at different stages of their mission and have seen so many Shakespeare plays they cannot remember what they have and haven’t seen. Jane says: “Watching all of Shakespeare’s plays seemed like a good idea at the time, but this is nothing compared to the enormous challenge ahead of the students. It is a fantastic venture, I wish them all the luck, and can’t wait to see the Leicester marathon”.

Three students in the Leicester University Theatre readathon are planning to take part in each of the plays throughout the event - sleeping whenever they are not required on stage!

Lord Attenborough, who hails from Leicester and has close links with the University, said the venture was ‘a splendid and extravagant folly.’

The mastermind behind the project is Dr Roger Scoppie. He says: “It promises to be a rewarding, but tiring few days”. The proceeds of the event will go towards an educational trip to the Shakespeare Youth 2000 Festival in Vilnius, the capitol of Lithuania and the Leicester-based Institute for Cancer Research.

The canon will begin on the 1 May at the University and the performances will continue for five days. For support or sponsorship of the venture, please contact Dr Scoppie on 0116 252 2416.

For more information please contact Dr Roger Scoppie on 0116 270 3369 (home; office number above) or Jane Appleyard on 0171 692 3326 (Wednesday April 19 only).

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