University of Leicester eBulletin

At the Cutting Edge

November 2002
No 254

Professors of Organic Chemistry are no doubt experts in their field, but would you trust them to cut your hair?

A University of Leicester PhD student has done just that to raise money for the Leicester charity LOROS.

Twenty-six year old Chris Rose, whose hair has not been cut for 13 years, has been shorn by Professor Paul Cullis, Professor of Bio-Organic Chemistry at the University of Leicester.

Chris, who currently sports blue dreadlocks down to his waist, hopes his new look will help him to get a job.  

Chris said: “Having this done is devastating, but I suppose if I want a job I have to do it and by so doing it will benefit LOROS at least”.

Chris Rose before haircut
HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW: Chris Rose hopes a new look will help to get him a job

Professor Cullis added: “This is just an example of the lengths the Department will go to help get our students a job!”

Chris lost his crowning glory in the University of Leicester Department of Chemistry on Thursday, November 14.

Professor Cullis cutting Chris Ward's hair
HAIR RAISING EXPERIENCE: Professor Cullis cuts Chris's hair
Chris Ward after haircut
New look for Chris

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