Hundreds of A-Level Physics students will visit the University of Leicester to listen to a lecture that addresses one of the greatest questions posed for mankind.

Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal and Royal Society Research Professor at Cambridge University, will present The Fate of the Universe as the 10th Space Centre Lecture for Schools on Wednesday 6 October 1999. Sir Martin is an honorary graduate of the University of Leicester. The students are from 21 schools from seven counties in the East and West Midlands, Staffordshire and Yorkshire.

Professor Ken Pounds, Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Professor of Space Physics, said: "As we move towards the new Millennium, new information from ground-based telescopes and space missions is providing a much clearer idea of how the Universe came to be, how it is evolving and itís ultimate fate.

Sir Martin Rees, as a world-leader in this field, is well-placed to describe these exciting developments to our student visitors, some of whom might take up the same challenge in the years ahead".

The 19th Space Centre Lecture for Schools will take place in the Rattray Lecture Theatre at 1.30pm on 6 October.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For further information please contact Professor Ken Pounds, head of the Physics and Astronomy Department tel 0116 252 3509 or Pam Pollin tel. 0116 252 3575,

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