The bicentenary of one of the great British institutions features two University of Leicester professors among its distinguished guest lecturers during the twelve months of its 200th anniversary celebrations.

Professor Gabriel Dover of the Genetics Department is the originator of the molecular drive theory of evolution, based on the molecular evolution of genes and genomes. He is currently writing a book 'addressed' to Charles Darwin entitled Dear Mr Darwin - on modern evolutionary processes - to be published in March by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. The book takes the novel form of a conversation between the author and Darwin.

His talk on Evolution Beyond Darwin on October 13 at the Royal British Institution in London's Albemarle Street is in the Public Lecture series.

Also taking part in the Royal British Institution's bicentenary programme is University of Leicester Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Chemistry Professor, Professor John Holloway. On November 25, he will deliver the Science Events for Schools national Chemistry Week Lecture: Fluorine. The Tyrannosaurs Rex of the Elements. Last year, Professor Holloway gave one of the famous Friday-Evening Discourses to members of the Royal Institution.

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