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CCTV - Can it really prevent crime?

August 2002
No 168

Research by Professor Martin Gill, Director of the University of Leicester’s Scarman Centre, will build on a Home Office report released on 14 August on the effectiveness of CCTV in crime prevention.

The government report looks at the use of CCTV in city centres and public housing; public transport;  and car parks. Findings indicate mixed results, with CCTV only providing a significant reduction in vehicle crime in car parks.

Professor Martin Gill commented:  “Amongst the confusion we need to develop new and better evidence not just about whether CCTV works, but also when and why, and this is what we are doing. Our early results are instructive”.

Professor Gill is to reveal influential initial findings from his research on the effectiveness of CCTV in crime prevention at a conference co-hosted by the University of Leicester’s Scarman Centre, with the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers on 27 November 2002.

The research findings are part of a Home Office evaluation being conducted by the University of Leicester’s Scarman Centre.

The conference will also:

·         Discuss existing evidence on the use of CCTV

·         Highlight what can make a CCTV scheme successful

·         Look at new insights from the experience of international experts

·         Evaluate the contribution of digital CCTV

·         Debate the prospects of number plate and facial recognition systems.

The conference will appeal to members of the police force and the CCTV and electronics industries, policy makers, security professionals, people in industry, academics, local authorities and regional crime reduction partnerships.

For further details or to reserve a place contact Perpetuity Conferences Ltd, 50 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 1TU, UK, telephone +44 (0)116 221 7777, facsimile +44 (0)116 221 7171, email:, website

NOTE TO EDITORS:   More information is available from Professor Martin Gill, Director of the University of Leicester’s Scarman Centre, telephone +44 (0)116 252 5709, facsimile +44 (0)116 252 3944, email

The Home Office research study, “Crime prevention effects of closed circuit television: a systematic review” can be viewed on website

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