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University of Leicester Sports Personality of the Year Award for Tim

[Photo: Tim Grossey]
A University of Leicester student who won over 30 prizes for his rowing skills has been voted Sports Personality of the Year. 

The award is in recognition for the outstanding contribution Tim Grossey, from Lifton, Devon has made to his chosen sport. 

Sports Secretary Annie Morgan said: “Every year the Sports Association asks for nominations from the clubs for a student who embodies all the good qualities of student sport. 

“It will be someone who has put a lot of effort into their chosen club, well beyond the average involvement - someone who has represented and done credit to their sport and to the University. 

“It is a person who has been a good ambassador for student sport and for the University. Someone we would feel proud to say, 'She/he's one of ours.'” 

Tim completed his first degree in Geophysics (Geological) in 1999 and then studied for his Master’s in Geographical Information Systems with the Geography Department. In September 2000 he returned to the Geology Department and started his PhD studies in Mineral Exploration Geophysics, concentrating on new methods of exploration of Fluorite in the South Pennine Orefield, Derbyshire. He is now in the fourth year of this research. 

He said: “I first joined the boat club as an undergraduate in my first year, and have been a member ever since. It is strange to get this award for dedication and involvement to the club, as it is something that I love doing - I didn't look to get thanks or praise for doing it!
“During the time I have been at Leicester I have been Treasurer, Regatta Secretary and Head Coach. Since the club got funding for a professional coach in 1998 I have been a member of the 'senior squad' that was developed. This is the squad for the keen and dedicated members who want to compete at the highest level.
“One of my proudest moments came in 1999 when I acted as Stroke to the crew that won bronze in the novice coxed fours event at BUSA (the first crew from Leicester to win a BUSA rowing medal). That year I was also the Stroke for the first eight at the Head Of The River race on the Thames (boat race course, but backwards - Mortlake to Putney.) 

“I have competed at Henley Royal Regatta 4 times (1999, 2000, 2001, 2003) and won over 30 rowing pots (prizes for winning time trials or regattas). This year I made the final of the BUSA Championship pairs event as well as winning regattas at Leicester, Nottingham City Regatta, Loughborough regatta and Ross regatta. 
“In addition to being involved with ULBC I am also one of the five founder members and treasurer of the alumni club, Belvoir ARC, that was established in 2000.” 

Hooray Henley! [Report on student participation in Henley Royal Regatta]

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