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Retirement: Professor Edgar Miller

Professor Miller retired on Wednesday 25 September 2002, after ten years' service in the University's School of Psychology. He studied for his psychology degree and a PhD at the University of Hull. He then undertook clinical psychology training at the Institute of Psychiatry, later lecturing in Psychology at Hull from 1967-71 before becoming Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southampton. 

Professor Miller then went back into practice and ran the Clinical Psychology Department for Cambridge HA, at the same time holding a post as Associate Lecturer for the University of Cambridge. In 1990 he was seconded to a senior position at the Department of Health, having previously been Consultant Adviser in Clinical Psychology to the Chief Medical Officer. There he worked under both Virginia Bottomley and Stephen Dorrell. He was appointed to Chair of Clinical Psychology at Leicester in 1992.
Professor Edgar Miller
Professor Edgar Miller

In 1996 the Centre for Applied Psychology was formed and Ed Miller took on the role of Director for the Centre. The first course developed under his auspices was the now very successful MSc/Diploma in Forensic and Legal Psychology. Next he formed the Occupational Psychology Section - another very successful distance learning enterprise. In addition a forensic campus-based course was introduced. 

Professor Miller became President of the British Psychological Society from 1992-3, having previously chaired its Committee for Training in Clinical Psychology and Board of Examiners in Clinical Psychology.

As a prominent clinical neuropsychologist, he has been called on to advise on a number of neuropsychological matters and forensic incidents. He was a member of the Clayton Committee inquiring into the effects of water pollution in North Cornwall 1990/91 (Camelford Inquiry).

He is very much looking forward to his retirement. One of his many interests is history - and he has already begun a degree in this area with our History Department.

October 2002

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