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Obituary: Felicidad Martinez-Purrinos (1969-2002)

Ms Martinez-Purrinos joined the University of Leicester's Faculty of Law as a Lecturer in September 2002. 

She was first educated as a lawyer, having obtained a Licenciatura from the University of La Laguna in Spain, followed by an LLM in Intellectual Property Rights from the University of Alicante. Having studied economics at the Spanish Open University she obtained an MA in Economic Development from the University of Nottingham in 1996 and went on to become a PhD candidate in the School of Economics at Nottingham from 1997.  

From 2000 to 2002 she had worked as a Research Fellow at the prestigious Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. Her PhD was submitted in Autumn of 2002. As the result of her research she was developing an impressive list of publications, specialising in the field of intellectual property law. Her work was an exciting blend of legal and economic analysis, combined with an acute perception of the policy implications of this analysis.

In the short time Felicidad was with the Faculty of Law, she became a valued and respected colleague. She took to her new teaching duties with enthusiasm and scrupulous attention to detail, always finding time to talk with students, who responded well to her tuition.  

She was an exemplary colleague, who got on well with all members of staff and did everything asked of her in an uncomplaining and positive fashion. She will be much missed by staff and students in the Faculty and remembered with great warmth and affection.

Professor Cosmo Graham
December 2002

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