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Obituary: Mr Jack Otter

County naturalist Jack Otter died on April 4, 2003, aged 93. Among his teaching commitments for universities, he was for several years after his retirement in 1974 from the Leicester firm of Broughton and Jones a tutor at the University of Leicester's Vaughan College. He continued to teach until he was in his mid-eighties, both for the Department of Adult Education at Vaughan College and for the Workers' Educational Association.

From the age of five, Jack Otter had been fascinated by natural history, an interest inspired in him by his grandfather. One of Jack's students, local naturalist Anne Kind, has remarked that it was his enthusiasm for plants, birds and animals that made him such a good teacher. He had a wealth of stories about his subject, and a biography on him written by Anne Kind entitled Come and See This, Folks, is a tribute to his remarkable teaching.

In 1977 he was awarded the honorary degree of MSc from the University of Leicester in recognition of his services to adult education.

He is remembered with respect and affection by those who knew him. Sympathy is extended to Jack's widow, Jean and to their only son Don and his wife Sandra.

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