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Obituary: Dr Franklyn H Perring, OBE

Botanist, conservationist and author Dr Franklyn Perring died in Cambridge on October 11, 2003, aged 76. In 1989, the University of Leicester recognised his contribution to botany and in particular his work with the Botanical Society of the British Isles with the award of an Honorary DSc. Dr Perring also contributed to the teaching programme of the University's Department of Adult Education.

The present excellent state of knowledge of the geographical distribution of plants in the British Isles owes much to to Frank Perring. As author and joint editor of more than a dozen floras, wild flower guides and conservation texts, he is best known for the Atlas of the British Flora (1962), of which he was co-editor. His career as a professional botanist spanned almost the entire postwar period. He received his OBE following his retirement in 1987.  

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