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Message from new Learning and Skills Council Chief Executive

[Photo: Mark Haysom] Mark Haysom, the new Chief Executive of the Learning and Skills Council, a former University of Leicester student who graduated in English, has spoken of his excitement at the challenges and opportunities of his new role.He stressed the importance of working in 
partnership with the further education and business sectors to make a real difference to education and skills in England.

Speaking on Wednesday, his first day at the LSC, Mr Haysom said that the organisation’s priorities were clear: “We must continue to focus on 16-18 participation and to drive up skills. We must also continue to involve employers of every size and type and to work closely in partnership with colleges and other providers to maintain the quality and scope of provision.”

He also promised to maintain the momentum in driving out unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape, while at the same time finding ways of working smarter, and becoming more efficient and effective.

“The LSC has already taken significant steps along the road to success,” he said. “But we still have a long way to travel to meet our targets and goals. We need greater clarity and focus around what we do. We must be more open to change and, where appropriate, act quickly and decisively.

“Above all, we must listen to our customers and give them the help and support they require so that they, in turn, can ensure that education and training are matched to the needs of employers and learners alike.

“Over the next few months, I plan to meet and listen to our partners - schools, colleges and other providers, as well as businesses - to get their comments and views on what is working well, and where improvements can be made.

“Together, we can, and will, turn our vision for a nation with world-class knowledge and skills into reality."

October 3, 2003

Press Release

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