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Working together for a better bookshop

Students design new system for Second Hand Bookshop

Collaboration between the Second Hand Book Shop in the Students' Union and the University's Mathematics and Computer Science Department came to fruition this term with the implementation of a custom-designed management system.

The bookshop's increasing trade had long demanded a more efficient way of operating in order to provide a better service to customers and the idea of setting it as a student project came about after a chance conversation last year between the bookshop's Gill Willingale and a third-year Mathematics and Computer Science student. 

Meetings with the Department's Dr Nick Measor established that the project would indeed be suitable for the second years' software engineering module, and the task was duly set for the second semester.

The students worked in fifteen small groups and their final products were considered for suitability by Gill Willingale and the Union's Education and IT Officer, A Kumaran. The system finally chosen was designed by Terry Burton, Paul Fletcher, Natalie Mehra, Mindi Saundh, Gethin Swann-Price and Alan Tang. It is already making a big difference to the running of the bookshop, allowing instant stock searching, reservations to be placed and comprehensive reports on many aspects of the shop's operation.

Gill Willingale
November 2002

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