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Visible support for charity on campus

Efforts by staff from the University's Estates Office to raise money for Children in Need on Friday, November 22 did not go unnoticed! Dressed up - some in Pudsey Bear t-shirts and with Pudsey 'ears', or dressed down - in jeans and t-shirts, they made themselves conspicuous on campus, raffling tickets for a prize draw for the charity of their choice. [Photo: Children in Need supporters]
PUDSEY PATROL: Estates Office staff Liz Hockey and Tara Tate.

Organised by Liz Hockey and Tara Tate, the raffle raised a grand total of 473. Most of the 40 prizes were donated by Estates staff, and ranged from ice hockey match tickets to cuddly toys. One of the toys was 'kidnapped' on the day and held to ransom, but happily returned in time for the draw. 

Staff were given permission to 'dress as you like', but were charged 2 each for the privilege. Among those taking part were the Deputy Director of Estates, wearing his tuxedo, and staff in rugby shirts - ready for the next day's big match! Liz Hockey sold home-made shortbread, raising an extra 48, and some 'nearly-new' videos were exchanged for a small donation.

Liz said, "It was a very successful day, and we would like to thank all those who took part and gave so generously to Children in Need". 

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