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University hosts successful Political Studies conference

Hosted by the University of Leicester in April, the 53rd Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association, Democracy and Diversity, was notable for its success, both in organisation and content. This was a large conference, with over 400 delegates and 120 panels - the organisation of which was two years in the making. 

At the opening reception, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Burgess welcomed delegates. Several members of the Department of Politics chaired panels, and among those who gave papers were Dr Philip Lynch, Mark Garnett, Professor Adrian Hyde-Price and Dr Mark Garner. 

Staff of the University's Conference Service helped towards the smooth running of the conference - as did departmental colleagues who were principally involved in the organisation - Academic Convenor Karen Henderson, Local Organiser Philip Lynch, and Norman Dandy, who was appointed Conference Administrator in the run-up to the Conference.

Plenary sessions were memorable - most notably the address by Professor Putnam from Harvard, who developed the themes he had addressed in his best-selling work, Bowling Alone, with special reference to the conference theme. One regular delegate was heard to remark after that it was the best lecture he had ever heard at a PSA Conference.

Delegates formed very positive impressions of the University and its facilities, and commented on the excellent organisation, though it has to be said that the excellent weather must have had some influence! 

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