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University images now available on line

An AVS image database has been set up to allow campus users to view a wide range of subjects suitable for use in University marketing publicity and news coverage. It is like many others found on the internet. You can search for images, preview them, select those you like by putting them in a basket, and finally, submit an email order form. Most AVS photography is now carried out digitally and so there are potentially hundreds of images which we could add to the collection on a regular basis.

Original copies of the images are held on a server and three different sizes are available; from A4 high resolution to small images suitable for the internet. If you need the images to hand over to outside agencies, the cost is 20 per CDs worth of images. However, if the AVS design team are preparing work for you, there is no need to request the images - just give us the file names of the images you like.

Angela Chorley

  • The database is located at

  • For further information or to make suggestions about this facility, please contact the database manager, Angela Chorley (

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Last updated: 16 February 2004 11:00
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